Friday, August 2, 2013


Often in my previous posts,whenever I condemn or blame the wrongdoings of my beloved Malaysians,I will always address the title of their citizenship,MALAYSIAN. In a free country such as Malaysia,we live in a harmonic environment and surroundings. We are living in a peaceful country,if not in a peaceful world. At least,that's the idea.

However, it's such a sad thing when people often being offended when being addressed about their flaws,not because of the way they're being told,but because of the person who's responsible for telling them. This is where it all will start, the racism.

Here's a situation. I disagree that an old Chinese guy to throw rubbish on the floor of a restaurant. Now,it would be normal if I just tell him off that he should not do that. Unfortunately,that's not normal from Malaysians' point of view. They would say a Malay is trying to be a racist for addressing such issue to a Chinese guy,more over an old guy.

Take a second situation. There's an average Malay guy,throws his rubbish on the floor of the same restaurant. If I tell him off that he shouldn't do that,people won't judge. Definitely people would see a normal and acceptable measure from an ordinary guy trying to teach another ordinary guy how to behave and act like a civilized man. The irony is,both the Malay and the Chinese guy are Malaysians,being corrected by me,also a Malaysian for the matter of fact.

Why would such measure being translated differently by Malaysians? Why can't they see the scenario fairly? Isn't it weird how people tend to judge quickly if a man is racist or not just because of what they see and think? For a multiracial country with independence of more than half a century,what have we actually achieved as one nation? This question often stuck in my head unanswered.

Truth is,as long as racism lives in you,you can never blame other people if you don't feel as much as a Malaysian as they are. There are limits when it comes to confront and advising,we all have to admit that. Not to mention respect towards other races' cultures and beliefs. It's the essence of living harmoniously I would say,to show respect to other Malaysians no matter what their backgrounds are,no matter what skin color they have,no matter what religion they believe in.

I am a Malaysian,and I am proud of my country and the people,if not of their attitudes. For as long as I believe we could achieve unity as one big society,there are lots of effort to be put in order to prove to the world that we can live as a one big multiracial family.

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